Gyproc ThistleBond-it 10L

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Bonding agent for smooth and/or low suction backgrounds. It provides a chemical key as well as creating a mechanical key with the included aggregate particles. Applied in one coat by roller or brush onto the background, this can then be plastered over when dry. Green in colour to aid identification of treated areas.
  • Sealing substrate
  • Bonding agent for smooth and low suction backgrounds
  • No dilution - so no scope for errors, no time spent mixing, no confusion on site
  • Only one coat required
  • Contains fine aggregates for better mechanical, as well as chemical adhesion
UOS: 1
RRP: 61.61
Minimum Multiple: 1
Manufacturer Code: 5200185153
Item code: I2011010-1
Manufacturer: Gyproc
Manufacturer Code: 5200185153
Category: Interiors
Product Group: Plasters & Fillers
Colour: 10
Unit of Measure: PTUB
Minimum Multiple: 1
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Availability: IN STOCK