Klober Uni Line Slate Vent & Adapt Slate Grey

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The Uni-Line Slate Vent is designed as a sleek and discreet, ultra low profile solution as the in-line design makes the vent virtually invisible in the roof line. Not only is the vent aesthetically pleasing, but also reduces the build up of mold growth and structural damage in the roof space, caused by damp, poorly ventilated roofs. Additionally it can also be used as a terminal for soil and ventilation pipes and mechanical extraction systems. The Uni-Line Slate Vent suits most man-made fibre cement and natural slate roofs with a minimum pitch of 22.5° and provides 6,500mm2 ventilation coverage. Uni-Line Slate Vents are available in slate grey or dark slate colours to blend in with the roof tiles.
  • Suitable for most man-made fibre cement or natural slate profiles.
  • Sleek in-line design making it virtually invisible in the roofline.
  • Built in downpipe, which allows direct ventilation to the roof space.
  • Connects directly to the flexipipe, without additional adaptors required, for soil and ventilation pipes and mechanical extraction systems.
UOS: 1
RRP: 30.00
Weight: 1.15
Thickness: 141
Minimum Multiple: 1
Manufacturer Code: KG9630-0429
Item code: A3001527-1
Manufacturer: Klober
Manufacturer Code: KG9630-0429
Category: Roofing
Product Group: Pitched Roof Vents
Length: 600mm
Width: 380mm
Thickness: 141mm
Weight: 1.15kg
Unit of Measure: EACH
Minimum Multiple: 1
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